however improbable

Any of you have any suggestions?

My little brother has no sense of adventure.

Me: Let's built a bonfire, drink mead, and read Sagas of Icelanders!
Danny: I don't like mead. Let's order pizza and watch anime.
Me: I'm not giving you any money for pizza and anime.
Danny: *gets money from parents for dinner, since they are going out*
Me: Let's go to the Tivoli and see Maria Full of Grace. Or to the Cinemark on the Plaza to see Donnie Darko: The Director's Cut.
Danny: I can't drive anywhere downtown without getting lost. We could go see I, Robot or Hero.
Me: No. You have already seen both of those movies, and I am not paying full price for any ticket to any movie unless it is going to be, like, the best movie ever. Let's set up the badminton net.
Danny: It's getting dark.
Me: So attach a small flashlight or something to the birdie and play badminton in the dark.
Danny: I don't think that would work.
Me: It so totally would.
Danny: *starts setting off fireworks*
Me: At least everything I suggested was legal.
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Guess he wouldn't fancy a shag, then :)
Heh, I'm quite capable of supplying large quantities of all of those.
But... but fireworks are so Freudian! The nervousness of lighting the fuse; the tension - will something happen, or won't it?; and then the shell shooting up into the sky and bursting in sparkly lights... or the disappointment of it going out or falling over :(
*dies and is dead from laughing too hard*

Okay, I grant you that--in fact, I'm sharing it the next time the fireworks come out, believe me--but the sparks are way more dangerous than spooge.
God, I would have joined you within a second, no matter if you had wanted to do the bonfire thing, watch Donnie Darko or play Badminton in the dark.
Hmm, I did that once, Sebastian, a good friend of mine, and I put this special paint on the birdie so it glowed in the dark, it was terrific.

Aww. That would have been fun, fun times. As it was, we went to Taco Bell and watched Pulp Fiction, but did not do anything really exciting.

I am definitely going to get some glow-in-the-dark paint and try that out, then. This time no one's going to tell me it wouldn't work. ;)

And by God, someone is going to see Donnie Darko with me now that I know it's playing here.
danny is a moron
next time slip him a date rape drug and when he wakes up he will find himself at the theatre with a very content(ed? it's too late for grammar) you. :)
Re: danny is a moron
1. I seem, oddly enough, to be fresh out of date-rape drugs. Perhaps this is why I haven't had a date in a while?

2.) Danny is my slave chauffeur. So we wouldn't get very far if he didn't know where he was going and was under the influence, now would we?

3.) "Content" and "contented" are both perfectly good adjectives which can be used interchangeably, so fear not.