The Long Dark Indian Summer of the Soul

My little brother has gone back to school. Everyone in Missouri has gone back to school. The school-going contingent of my flist? Has pretty much gone back to school. Whereas I've still got a couple more weeks of summer.

No, I'm not gloating. (Well, only a little.) It's a bit odd to be the only one still on summer time, doing summer things, all by myself. Get to catch up a bit more on my reading, though.

Last night at work my Fluffy-Headed Boss gave me a fun task as she was leaving--taking down all the paper cut-outs from the summer reading program bulletin so that we could put them in a box--thousands of them--and leave them for kids to hunt through for hours on end, trying to find the shapes with their name written on it. Yeah.

About a half an hour later, she called the library to clarify: actually, none of the pages should do any work at all. She gave me another fun task--going through the library pulling tags from someone's test cart to make sure they did a good job, which they did--and told all the other pages to shelfread. Oh, another example of her particular brand of oblivious incompetence--she assigned sections to shelfread to everyone right after I started working. She did not give me any sections, and she kept extending that assignment, from one month to two to all summer, such that I have done basically no shelfreading at all, and thus had to work extra-hard to find things to do when there were no books to shelve (i.e., every shift I've worked since school started ...)

Now, as of today--when I'm not even working there another full two weeks--she gave me a whole three sections to do, one of adult fiction (fun, easy to do) and two of juvenile non-fiction (not at all fun, hellishly slow to do, ain't no way those suckers are getting done). Just, honestly. She's not very good with logistics; I don't know how our library keeps going, but somehow it does.

My shirt has wings on it!
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Shelfreading is when you go through the shelves, book by book, and make sure that they are a.) in order, b.) at the correct branch, and c.) not sufficiently damaged to warrant replacement.
And is this something that you would WANT to do? Sounds tedious.
However, today I decided that working in a library (public or university) might not be such a bad deal after all.
Working in a library rocks, yo.

I mean, with shelfreading, if there's nothing else to do, you can go sit down in front of some shelves for a while. And look at the dustjackets of the books, especially if they're interesting books. (Back before we had assigned sections, I was all about shelfreading the YA books.) At the very least, it's a change of pace from running around with books.

With no shelfreading to do, I ended up ... wandering around uncomfortably and attempting to manufacture tasks to do, or at the very least, keep the Fluffy-Headed Boss from noticing that I wasn't working if she was around. This made things more difficult for me.
But would you have been in trouble if you'd started shelfreading? Like, a spot-check just to make sure that everyone else had done a proper job?
I'd be like "wow, that girl shows initiative. I'll give her a raise to $5.17 an hour! Yeah!"
I'll have you know that I get paid a whopping $6.90 an hour. Which is not megabuck$, but it is more than you get paid to sit at home and play the Sims.

I have no idea what Janet would have done if I randomly put down that I shelfread X section to which I was not assigned for an hour and a half. I suppose I could have found out by experiment, but I did not. I mean, that was before she made up the September schedule. Now that she's done that, I suppose I can do whatever I want until my last day. ;)
Oh so you have to tell them what you did whilst you were at the library?
I thought you'd made $7.00\hr. Evidently you were exaggerating your wage, or something.
I was looking at UGA online, and I see some part time listings, however not at the library.
Not that it matters, as I lack a car anyway.
$6.90 is as near to $7.00 as makes no difference.

We note down what we do during our shift on little pieces of paper, which as far as I can tell, the Fluffy-Headed Boss glances at and then pitches, or something. But still.
random journal
Hey there, I just pressed the 'random journal' button by accident and your journal was the one I got to and I was pleasantly surprised, because you seem to be a rather interesting person, plus I already love you, because you have an avatar with a quote from 'The Picture Of Dorian Gray' on it. ^_^ I will keep an eye on you [sorry, didn't want to make it sound like I'm a stalker or something], so I better go and add you to my friendlist now. Take care, And sorry for just commenting on an entry of yours. Cocún.
Re: random journal
Absolutely EVERYBODY hits this journal by pressing the "random journal" button. However, NOBODY hits mine, or any other journal in a language other than Cyrillic.
Which is rather annoying, actually.
ooooh, somebody's jealous
Or maybe they are hitting your journal, and are bored because it contains no porn. And ... no snarky rants about places of work. Or stuff.

My journal brings all the random people to the yard, and they're like, it's better than yours. Damn right, it's better than yours ...
Re: ooooh, somebody's jealous
Well, yeah, you're probably right. I mean, just how erotic is a jar of ground nutmeg?
what? it's just an icon of sisterly love
The illustration is from Christina Rossetti's fabulous poem Goblin Market, which is rather widely considered children's lit, believe it or not. I suppose once you're old enough to see something dirty about lines like "Hug me, squeeze me, suck my juices", you are no longer a child. Or something.
Re: random journal
Yeah, I got here by hitting "random," but everyone that comes to mine are people I ticked off in one of the communities... I want random friends too...
Re: random journal
I had a random friend on Blurty, but she was some psychoteenager obsessed with James Marsters. With random friends like that, I should remember why I don't like them.