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High on life--I mean, coffee

Whee! I am editing femmeslash and turning myself on. This bodes well.

I guess there is, you know, other Bellatrix/Ginny fic out there. I know, for I have seen the icons. Maybe, after I work out my own take on it, someone will rec me some.

Microsoft Word doesn't know the word "cunt". Figures. Bastard tool of the patriarchy word processor. ;)

My mom and I went out for coffee earlier this afternoon at Cocoa and Beans, the lovely little independent coffee shop and purveyor of excellent sweets and baked goods that opened in July in the strip mall near Price Chopper. I really love this place; it's huge, light and airy, with huge comfy armchairs and couches as well as nice little café tables that are also comfy, and huge windows. (View of the parking lot, of course, but that's what you get in the damn suburbs. At least you can also see the sky.)

The women who run it remind me of Sunshine from Robin McKinley's book--they obviously love to bake and have people eat their food in a way that I can only dimly comprehend. (Well, I like to feed people just fine, but as for the actual baking part ... ) Much nicer than Starbucks, anyway. The coffee there may be all very well and good, but the desserts suck immensely.

Coffee makes me essentially tipsy, evidently. I have noted this effect time and again, yet it still manages to surprise me, somehow.
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Re: Caffine goodness
Would you believe that my mom and I just got my dad, who I believe has coffee running through his veins, a caffeine shirt from ThinkGeek? And I got a matching one cause, hey, t-shirt. But I should probably stick mostly to tea. ;)
I love Robin McKinley. I'm teaching her to both my 7th and 8th grade lit classes this year.