a face like a glass of water

My bunny is (not) missing :D

No one has seen him or heard him in almost two and a half hours now. He slipped out of quarantine in my parents room earlier this afternoon, and he was hanging out under the couch in my brother's room.

Our house is a finite space and we have looked everywhere and he is not here. Besides which if he were he'd have to be dead quiet. And yet we cannot imagine him having got out of the house.

Where is my silly sweet Harry boy?

Edit: So you know, just after I post that, my mom determines that he was in fact under my brother's couch (which you can't see under entirely because of the various planks actually supporting it) where he evidently took a nice long very quiet nap right through us hollering his name and rattling his couch. Hmph.

What a relief.
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