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Deviant, devious and deviated

Squee! The fabulous switchknife invited me to join pornish_pixies! This fabulous development caused me to skip down the hallway at 3:00 in the morning. I am so not even kidding you.

I am incredibly smitten by the two requests/plotbunnies I claimed for the Fantasy Fest. One's a femslash fic for prix_etoile featuring Bellatrix/Ginny with mind control and corsets. I doubt that I would have written Bellatrix/Ginny in a million years without the additional suggestions of mind control and corsets. The other is Harry/Harry for lizardlaugh, and I have this idea involving time travel that I'm completely smitten by. If you guys enjoy these stories half as much as I am, I'll be thrilled.

My brother and I are watching Jeeves and Wooster--we had the good fortune to find a couple of volumes on DVD at the library when he came to pick me up. Stephen Fry is, as always, utterly delectable. ;)

Surgery to correct my deviated septum tomorrow--I have to be at the surgery center in the wee hours of the morning, actually. Not exactly looking forward to it; tomorrow I'll know just how bad it was, and no doubt tell you all about it.
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Hey, I'd be excited by a Pornish invite, too (that is, if I wrote fic, hee)! :D Congratulations! I love the current request-fest thing, there are so many requests that I can't wait to see. Missed out on this leg myself, since I slept through most of the weekend... dang... but next time, oh yes.

I hope your surgery goes well! Sending happy thoughts your way.
Eeee, thank you! And, if I might ask, what are you planning on asking for? :D
It changes every time I see someone else's request and think "Agh! That's so great! Why didn't I think of that?" but (and I'm terribly vanilla) it'll probably be some kind of Snupin or RL/SB. It's the details that keep changing. ;)
Oh, I know, I think it's much easier to nab one than come up with one myself. Eee! This is going to be so much fun!

I have had that surgery
and it changed my life. I had no idea how much I was not breathing or how little I was tasting in food.

I wish you well.
Re: I have had that surgery
Thanks! I'm quite looking forward to this whole "breathing" thing.
Ahhh! I love you for taking my request. :D And I doubt I'd ever read Bella/Ginny without mind-control and corsets. :D