Return of the bunny picspam!

I didn't think I was going to be able to do this again for a long time! My mom kept saying that she didn't want to get another bunny to break her heart, and I was all, but how can you not have a bunny? You just have to have bunnies! They're required!

So yesterday, my mom saw an ad in the paper about a "gray and white floppy eared bunny" and she asked me if I wanted to go check him out. He was a very nice, well-cared-for one year old minilop, who belonged to a boy who basically turned his mom's house into a zoo and then moved out into his own apartment, and we decided to take him home with us.

coercedbynutmeg decided that he should be named Harry, and so he is. It stuck.

He's still a little shy of us, but he's starting to realize that if he just lets us pick him up now and then, only good can come of it.

Harry explores the stairs.

Harry makes himself at home by the stairs.

Meghan makes herself at home on the floor next to Harry.


Harry realizes that yes, he does like to recline in my arms.


Me and Harry and handynavi

I'm trying to teach Sam how to play cribbage.

Cappuccino and a rabbit

Harry and my mom. He only looks dead.
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Cutest. Bunny. EVAR.

Makes me miss our bunny. We had a Netherland Dwarf a few years ago, she was the sweetest little rabbit. All dark grey-brown, kinda Siamese-coloured. She used to stretch herself out (kind of like Harry in the first pic) and arrange her feet so you couldn't see them. Looked just like a loaf of bread. :)

Little did he realize that he was going to the Retzlaff Rabbit Resort and Spa. It looks like he is responding well to the massages. Relax and let all your bunny worries go.....zzzzzzzzz. S