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Is that a cribbage board in your purse, or are you just happy to see me?

Gacked from vlamidala, it's the
I started carrying a Met Museum tote bag as a purse a couple of months ago. I love it because I can throw anything in there--books I'm reading, boxed-up leftovers from dinner, you name it. Current contents:

wallet, containing:
  • Missouri nondriver license (stamped across the front, in big red letters, are the words "NON DRIVER", in case you didn't get the point the other five times this was mentioned in writing on the card)
  • D.C. Metro fare card
  • Kansas City Public Library card
  • Mid Continent Public Library card
  • insurance card
  • postcard stamps
  • misc. receipts
  • credit cards
  • Hollywood Video card

makeup bag, containing:
  • lip vinyl
  • lip gloss
  • Chapstick
  • Abreva cream
  • a Listerine pocketpak
  • peppermint essential oil
  • eyeliner (never used ...)
  • a little round tin with floss
  • tampons
  • fingernail clippers
  • tampons
  • condoms

Moleskine notebook
black PaperBlanks notebook that shuts magnetically and has the Chinese character for peace on the front
face powder
skin mattifier
four AA batteries
citrus herb antibacterial lotion
coconut lime verbena hand cream
a packet of tissues
three packets of sugar
a miniature hairbrush
a portable cribbage board with a deck of cards
two Pilot precise rolling ball pens, extra fine
roll-on sunscreen
library staff tag
the Rosetta stone, in keychain format
a traveler's tea tin
assorted change
half a bag of Mariami yogurt covered raisins
a hair elastic
Tea Tree Australian chewing sticks
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Greetings! Also, you are incredibly cool and if you don't mind I will friend you now.

The so-called "Australian chewing sticks" (I know, who named these?) are these things. Which are, apparently, so Australian that they are in fact only available in the U.S, which is of course perfectly logical.

Anyway, they make really great breath fresheners. I give them out to people who ask me for gum or mints, and a couple of my friends swear by them now, too. Of course, one may look rather silly gnawing on a toothpick like a hillbilly, but such is the price one must pay.
I found you via the Search-Random function, hope you don't mind the intrusion. This post caught my eye...especially the Tea Tree Australian chewing sticks. Actually bought a couple of packs, will post on how they turn out.

I hope you don't mind that I "friended" you. You seem like an interesting person. :-)

~Amber of AmbersArchives
Re: Hi!
Not at all! Hello! Make yourself at home!

You might want to ignore me until the drugs wear off, though. ;)