I have three words (and one punctuation mark):

Chibi!Neil Gaiman.

This is the most pointless icon ever, I just ... chibi!Neil Gaiman!

The quality is kind of crap because I had to take a picture of it with my digital camera because the scanner is being stupid and just not working, at all. See, that's meant to be a fountain pen that he's holding. And you're supposed to be able to see his stubble, and the reflection off his hair. But still ... chibi!Neil Gaiman!

Today at the library, when I was doing pickups in the fiction section, I came back with four books i had picked up (although, like, off the actual shelves, and not lying around like I'm supposed to) to check out. One of which was The Dream Hunters. Because I picked it up to reminisce, and I flipped through it, and I saw: chibi!Neil Gaiman!

Art credit, of course, goes to Yoshitaka Amano. Who has a chibi form too. Except ... I really don't know what I'd do with that icon.

Chibi!Neil Gaiman!

Okay, I'll shut up now. Really.

Chibi!Neil Gaiman!
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Aww, but you should totally show it to Janssen so that he knows that I'm teh coolest person EVAR!!1!11!