Dave McKean

This is the sort of thing that goes on at my house, in case you were wondering

mayhap searches all over the house for a Sharpie.

mayhap: Why are there no Sharpies in this house?

My dad: Ask your brother.

mayhap. Good point.

mayhap goes downstairs and finds her brother playing Windwaker.

mayhap: Why are there no Sharpies in this house?

Danny: Here's a blue one.

Danny pulls a Sharpie out of his pocket and throws it at mayhap, who almost catches it, but instead bats it into the corner with her newly burnt CD.

mayhap and Danny (simultaneously): That almost worked.
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I have a funny story kind of like that but more weird. I was laying in bed after I had recently woken up when my mother came in the room and asked me if I had any matches. For some odd reason, and I don't really remember what that was, I happened to have a box of matches in my hand while I was still laying down. When she asked, I tossed them right to her. No wonder my mother finds me creepy.