zzzzz ...

The birthday party lingers late into the night ...

My house is full of teenaged boys (some of whom are, yes, too damn hot for their own good). They're playing video games and wanking about Windows versus Mac and subtitles versus dubbing and saying "All your base are belong to us."

It's like the internet came to life in my house. :D

I do not believe they intend on going to sleep at all. They went out at about 11:00 and bought a bunch of energy drinks. They are quite noisy, so I expect I will not be getting a lot of sleep either.

I'm about halfway through The Time Traveler's Wife and I'm absolutely adoring it.

Edit: LJ Stalker meme:

silvernutmeg's LJ stalker is malsperanza!
malsperanza is stalking you because they heard you are awesome in bed, and they want to find out. They are also getting with your significant other!

Hehe, I wish. Just last night I linked my brother (for, like, the sixth or seventh time) to her excellent musings on Jack Sparrow as a trickster figure. I sent him the link in the first place because we'd just watched PotC and I was taking a class on trickster figures, and thereafter ever so often he asks me, "Hey, where's that page with the essay about Jack Sparrow?"
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They're playing video games and wanking

Aaaargh! did you have to write that? *dies of testosterone poisoning*

*resolves not to go "Ooo, pwetty!" and drool if he ever sees your brother, even if it kills him*
Aren't high school-mac user-nerdy-gamer boys the cutest!? *melts* Why wasn't I invited? *cries*
I dunno, but I was the only girl allowed to spend the night, anyway. And that's just because I live here. :D
This is good stuff
"It's like the internet came to life in my house. :D"

This is the funniest line I have ever read on LJ. I found this page on a Random search, and found this little gem.

Thank you.
Re: This is good stuff
Isn't that brilliant. That is exactly what I told my brother. It is pure beauty. Too hilarious and so true. *shakes head*