Mai Yamani

Mayhap at a Glance

Watching: Kill Bill Vol. 1. Because: Revenge! And swords!

Will see Vol. 2 (finally!) this weekend with my brother when he gets out of school finally.

Reading: Bridget Jones's Diary by Helen Fielding. Because: Emotional fuckwittage! And fluffy escapism!

Working: At the local public library. Because: No dealing with food! Or customers!

Okay, so it only pays $6.90 an hour, big deal. There are no serious places of employment in this pathetic excuse for a small town, anyway. And it's the seriously easiest job EV4R.

Taking: Prednisone. Because: Um, okay, I dunno. I mean: because it was prescribed for me!

My mom and everyone else I know who has taken it say that this stuff makes you, like, completely insane. My only response is, "And we would know the difference how?"

Also currently taking: Rescon. Because: Prescription antihistamines/decongestants rock. That over-the-counter stuff is such waste of time!

Plotting: That Founderfic that I keep claiming that I'm writing, but never actually post anything of, because I am a tease. Also, because historical logistics keep kicking my ass. Because: No more school! I can do research for the fun of it! Besides, I'm in love with this story, really.

Eating: Banana popsicles Because: Banana! Popsicles!
  • Current Mood: crazy Crazy. Because: Well, yeah.
  • Current Music: Torn - Chicken - ednaswap. Because: Ah, hell.
i am going to have to disagree with you on the fact that your job at the library is the easiest job ever. i have a job as a telemarketer whereas i do not even have to use my mind at all the entire time that i am there. i read words off a screen for $8/hr (without commission). you can make up to $10 an hour depending upon how many people you brainwash. it's beautiful *tear*
But... don't people yell at you and stuff? And threaten to come cut out your ovaries because you called just as they came home/when they're expecting a liver transplant/in the middle of dinner/in the middle of sex ?

If not... hey, I might need to find me one of those jobs!
actually, no i have not had one of those calls yet. i get hang ups sometimes, but if anyone theatens you you can just hang up really. you don't have to talk to anyone whom you do not wish to. i have yet to have a bad call. there are quite a number of humorous ones though. someone did call me and give me their number and told me to give it to vicki jones at the high school. someone asked one of the other guys to join her family (he had been talking to her for a long time and she was a little off in the head).
A sweater is a garment worn by a child when his mother feels chilly