Mai Yamani

Amidst the ruins

I just stopped by my third grade class to say goodbye, and now I'm all melty. Aww. They gave me all kinds of adorable cards and things (thankfully, no flowers this year, as it's very sad to have to haul them all home and then promptly chuck them because I'm moving out).

My mom's finding it difficult to sleep with the sound of traffic just outside constantly. (I have somewhat the opposite problem, since when I go home, my ears ring in the nighttime silence.) Then, as if she weren't tired enough, my suitemates threw a loud party last night. (They actually deigned to speak to me to ask me the Jack question. You know, "We're having a loud party on Tuesday night, if that's all right with you." It does, in fact, mean "We're having a loud party on Tuesday night.") Her conclusion: "If I had to live here, I would die! Look at me! I'm a wreck!"

I'm pretty darn glad to be moving out, myself.

Edit: Yeah, I don't know whom I'm trying to kid here, packing up all my notes to bring home with me. I never look at them again. Literally, not a second glance. I don't know why I take them in the first place ... force of habit, I suppose, really ...
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