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Sad news

They finished the surgery not so very long ago. What they found was a real mess, I hear, they ended up taking out a lot of bone and I think several teeth – I'm not quite sure how this could have worked, as rabbits don't have that many teeth to begin with, but I heard this all third-hand after all. She was slow to wake up and wasn't breathing very well, so they put her in intensive care and called my mom to tell her all that.

Then they called back again to say that she had died.

She was nine years old. She would have been ten in June. We got her when I was eleven.

She took over our house, slowly, until she had the run of it and everything in it was hers; or at least, everything she could reach to rub with her chin, and nothing else mattered. She became our center in ways that are difficult for me to describe or for you, likely, to imagine.

I haven't been around LJ, not much, anyway. I might not be.
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She became our center in ways that are difficult for me to describe or for you, likely, to imagine.

*big, consoling hugs for you*

I know exactly what you mean, at least, in the sense that I know what it's like to lose a pet that's really not a pet but a member of the family. We still talk about Nate the Dog sometimes, and my dad still gets teary.

*hugs you some more*
Aww, thank you. We talked about her all the time, and probably still will, although now it will be very sad.
Oh, honey... you've just lost a friend. Don't let anyone tell you "It was just an animal and you can get another". Nothing can replace that bond. I am so, so sorry... it's obvious how much you loved her and you gave her a wonderful life. But she's always with you--animals have souls. They absolutely do. When the time is right, you might get another but nothing can (or should) replace her. It hurts right now--a lot--but I promise you that it will get better and you'll be able to smile when you think of her.
*hugs* I'm so sorry to hear it. You've lost a member of the family, and it takes time to recover. I've thought of getting a rabbit, but I have cats and am not sure how well that would work! What helped me after Buddha died (my cat) was making a little photo album of pictures. I also have a clump of fur and his ashes. Something tangible to touch, though he's with me.

Hang in there. You might like this site:

I'm so sorry. Nine years is a really long time to know anyone (anybunny). That's so hard... I'm sorry. *hugs*
I'm so sorry. :( I remember when our beloved cat of 14 years died. She'd been in the family longer than one of my sisters. It was hard to lose her.
i'm so sorry hon. a great big virtual hug. I really really know what you are going through.

remember the good times.
*hugs you* Oh, sweetie, I'm so sorry. I know how much that hurts and that nothing I can say will make it better, but nevertheless, I wish there were something I could do. *hugs*
I'm so sorry, Meghan. Our dog died last spring at 15 years and it was so hard, even after three years of living away from home. I'll be thinking of you and your family. *hugs*