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That which is Alias and that which is not Alias

All right, as much as as I loathe the possibility of anyone, at all, being tortured by my so-called government because they're terrorists and they allegedly have no rights ... I was really, really hoping for some Sark torture. I love how Sark suffers so beautifully instantly capitulates to all demands as long as you don't hurt him.

But yeah, my hopes were dashed, and episode rather perfunctory anyway. Next week had better be where it's at.

I brought along The Once and Future King as plane reading today -- nice handy mass market paperback I had been meaning to read. Wound up positively devouring the last few pages in the cab on the way back to Manhattan.

Setting aside, oh, the entire contents of books two through four, which are still percolating in my brain or somesuch (and satyadasa, if you never read this book as a child, you should have done, because the conclusion could have come from your lips except for being better written) -- why has no one written Kay/Wart slash? Why? Why? *shakes the Internet, turns it upside-down, returns to own Word document*

It's really not all that different from the Disney Sword in the Stone, as I seem to recall it, save this one major difference. Movie!Kay is obnoxious, and movie!Wart hates him. Book!Kay is obnoxious ... and book!Wart loves him.

And he says so.

Mmm, theirloveissosweetyetfuckedup.
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I loved that book! I should read it again, it's probably under my bed somewhere.

As to why there's no Kay/Wart slash... there's NOT?! *is mindboggled* Got me, I don't know. Is there any King Arthur slash around out there? It seems like with all those knights at their silly round table and their 'swords' (heh, heh) somebody would've written something by now.
Re: King Arthur Slash
Is there any King Arthur slash around out there?

I suspect there will be, once the upcoming film is released. Clive Owen and Ioan Gruffudd? How could one not? I just finished reading the book based on the screenplay (bearing NO resemblance to the legends at all, trust me), and there is a nice looong history between Arthur and Lancelot. Heh.
Re: King Arthur Slash
Well, they can blather on about how they're telling "the real story" as long as they provide me with the pretty (check!) and the slash (sounds promising!). :D
Re: King Arthur Slash
Earlier this week I started a based-on-the-film Arthur/Lancelot LJ community, sarmatianslash. I realize there won't be much to say until we've all seen the film (only 2 more weeks!), but after reading the movie book and reading up on the film characters' possible historical backgrounds, I was motivated. Check it out for some current historical info - and this Sunday on the History Channel.
As Oliver said, this episode's writing was up to par with a lot of earlier episodes, but much better than what we've been seeing lately. That is, unless that one comment Lauren made wasn't meant to make us interpret her character as "blathering fool", or unless they are up to something with it. Either way, boo.

Hmm, that's currently four books on the "must read this now" list from you. I'll get to them, starting with The Once and Future King.