Mai Yamani

Being a good hostess ... no, really

My maiden auntie is staying with me for the week, because I have off work and she's on vacation (being an elementary school teacher in California). This is why I have temporarily removed all the slashy pictures from my wall, computer desktop, et cetera. This is also why I will be crap at LJ (um, make that even more crap, as I see I have not written anything worth reading in weeks), since whenever I start t typing, she asks what I'm doing. Except for right now, because she is snoring. She snores very loudly. :D

But no, other than that it's great, because she is my favorite aunt (she bankrolled my emergency laptop replacement last y ear) and she wants to do all kinds of fun things and eat all kinds of yummy food while she's in New York, and furthermore, she wants to pay for it all.

Today we were going to get up early and head right up to the Cloisters, except ... we decided to sleep until noon instead. Actually, I decided this, since she did not, in fact, budge when the alarm clock went off. So instead we took the subway up to Times Square and I gave her a bit of a walking tour of midtown, thus ticking many things off her must see list.

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Maybe I'm a little jealous, maybe of you, maybe of your Aunt. You must be a very skilled and pleasant guide. ^_^