Mai Yamani

A question of scarf etiquette

If you are standing in a corridor, and you see someone wearing what is clearly intended to be a Gryffindor scarf, although it is in fact nowhere near as cool as the Slytherin scarf you yourself happen to be wearing, what should you do?

I didn't do anything in particular, but I think I should have taunted him or something.
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Heh, I think I probably would've jumped for joy and given him a hug, thus scaring him and making him run away. I have never seen a house scarf around here. Ever. The first time I do I'll probably crap my pants.
Cute icon, wench.

I usually tend toward pity that they couldn't pull together anything better. It's all about the sad smile. And there really have been quite a few half-assed Gryffs running around campus this year, haven't there?