Mai Yamani


I have just realized that the entire world is conspiring to get me to watch Ruroni Kenshin.

I mean, there's ali_wildgoose, self-appointed apostle of Kenshin. This triggered the realization that previously, over spring break, my little brother was making me watch Yu Yu Hakusho and I watched the first couple of episodes of Kenshin and was starting to get into it, but then I went back to New York. But furthermore, even before this, my friend Bev told me that I had to watch this anime music video set to May It Be that had made her cry, and of course, according to my Adium logs, that anime was Kenshin.

But now I do not know what is going on, wah, am confused. I suppose I will have to go inside and fire up the family cheapo Windows computer and hit up KaZaA.

In other news, I have my contacts and can see everything ten times sharper. They're disposable contacts now and they feel all flimsy and are rather more difficult to put in my eyes. As this is what makes them better for one's eyes, I suppose I shall just have to get used to that.
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