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Well, this is my last day in Brazil. I just had my last lunch in Brazil. This morning I checked out of my last hotel in Brazil. Hmm, when was my last capirinha in Brazil? I think it was on my birthday. Anyway. This is my last time using this ancient computer in the lobby of my hotel in Brazil, and I won't be missing that one bit, let me tell you. Actually, I'm pretty worn out, and thus quite resigned to going back to New York!

I did miss LiveJournal. Especially LiveJournal on a computer that works. I got up to skip=440 one day, and I was just pagedowning madly and not clicking on a single thing because it would take hours. When I get home I'll go through and, like, respond to people's week-old posts.

Wait, why did I begin this entry? (Why yes, I am rather tired, how did you ever guess?) Oh yes:

Happy birthday, mommybird!

I thought of you last night at dinner because someone at my table said they thought keeping birds as pets was silly. She eventually recanted and said it was only silly if you didn't really interact with them, which is true of a lot of pets. If you don't interact with your rabbits, they take up a lifestyle of a furry lump (or socialize exclusively with other rabbits if they have them, of course, which is fine for them but not as fun for you). But yes.

I have the Silmarillion to read on the plane ride back. It is very important research so I can write smut. It's all about the smut, really. :D
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You're gonna do a full report once you're back, right? Riiiiiight?!
Thanks for the good wishes! And it's just as silly to get a dog, tie it up in the yard, and never play with it, as I've seen people do.

Last night we were dining in the kitchen and had our tiel with us. While sitting on my hand, he clucked at me softly, tucked his head up under my nose, and gave me his special whistle, all the while raising and lowering his crest (right in front of my eye, as it happpened). He was very happy that I whistled back, told him I loved him, and kissed his breast.