Mai Yamani

Fare thee well!

Well, here I am, back in NY. Briefly.

I found my bedroom door wide open with a mysterious sticky green handprint and a lighter on my desk, with my trash can having been used as an ashtray, but all in all, the damage could have been much worse. They could have set my room alight during their disgusting parties. So.

Last night I moved all my stuff over to the side of the room that my ex-roommate (thankfully, nowhere to be seen now, and I can lock the door behind me now) nabbed at the beginning of the year. Now I have the bed that you can store lots of things, including my new enormous suitcase, under, and the window that doesn't have the air conditioner unit built into it, and the outlet that doesn't have the air conditioner plugged into it, and stuff.

Now, of course, I'm digging out all my summer clothes and packing for Brazil. I learnt a bunch of words in Portuguese last night but have pretty much forgotten them all already. Bugger. I mean, it'll be easy enough to understand, parce que c'est une langue romane, but the only thing I remember how to say is thank you.

I am bringing my laptop (which is insured) and my digital camera (because, hello, pictures) but not my iPod. I miss the iPod already, but if it gets stolen I'm kind of out of an iPod, so. I think our hotels have free internet access -- at least, that is what their websites seem to indicate -- so I'll probably crosspost my "this is what I did in Brazil" journalling here. I'll be doing it in any case. I might even get some pictures posted, but it's more likely that I'll just email a few to my parents and actually upload them when I get back.

Blah, blah, won't be around until the 14th, is what I'm really trying to say here. Need to pack more, need to return my library books, et cetera.
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Have a good, safe trip, yo. Don't get fingerprint ink all over yourself. Don't get too annoyed by Moses either, I'm not sure how nice they are about the murder. And um, oh! If having a place to upload pictures would help with the us-seeing-pictures, I think I made a Petridish account for you a while back but never put your email on it. Anyway, safe trip, much fun, gossip once you're back O;), and

Have a nice (and safe) trip!

Buen viaje or something, only in Portuguese. ^^