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Good news: Sticking a new AirPort card in Pan was all he needed to surf wirelessly once again. I guess that old card was nearly three years old, anyway.

Possibly even better news: A few of you will recall that I had an older iBook (that I spent all my money on before freshman year) that met an untimely end at the beginning of sophomore year when I accidently pitched tea into the LCD (those things are expensive to replace), making it impossible to see anything. The computer was covered under a rider on my parents homeowners insurance, but the girl at the office said that the little tea incident was not covered. The old laptop went to my brother, who plugged it into an external monitor in his room.

Well, she was full of it, and it was covered. My mom's been talking to the claims adjustor people, and they just want to replace the laptop instead of fixing it. $1800! New 12" PowerBook with SuperDrive for meeeeeeeeeeee!

Maybe. We'll see. Not for certain or anything.

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thue kinda wants her own spiffy DVD burning computer, though. But we just bought that Windows thing ...
Hey now
I lived with the bloody screen being broken, I want the new computer... PLease, I'll beg *begging*. Then again, haveing my own working laptop will be nice...