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Just watched that flick you were all on about some months ago. Had a couple actors in it ... and a bit with a pearl ... ah yes, that would be Pirates of the Caribbean, yes?

Right, I meant to see it at some point. But my brother saw it opening weekend and then he didn't want to take me. And then I was in New York, where I generally do not see movies on principle -- that principle being that $10 is a hell of a lot of money to pay to go see a movie. And then ... anyway, my brother was wanting to rent it and I said no, renting movies is highway robbery anyway, and the DVD's only $15, let's buy it.

So we did.

Will Turner is ickle and wee. Jack Sparrow is also ickle and wee, for all his swaggering, which is rather pathetic yet endearing. The "But why is the rum gone?" line did not suffer overmuch for having been on everyone's icons for months on end. Although I have never been to a Disney theme park, I could see that many scenes took the form of tableaux which must have been inspired by the ride. I saw many scenes that said to me, quite vividly, Monkey Island, but we all know what that comes by way of. Still, for my money, the finest work of art inspired by that ride I'ven't been on.

The gag real was also nice. Why don't more DVDs have those? For most films, they'd be even better than commentaries, and they're nearly always fun. I suppose actors with no sense of humor don't like it ...

In other news: my mother managed to hobble to the doctor today, which was very good progress indeed. He prescribed a variety of things that will be very helpful as her back takes its own sweet time healing.

I, for one, have learnt my lesson: backs are precious and ought to be well-maintained. I have a chair in my room to sit in now with my laptop, which is a definite improvement over sitting on my bed. Also, I shall refuse to lift anything. :D

Both parents have now been ordered to walk for the good of their backs, so I suppose I've got that taken care of.

Edit: I'm taking my father to Master and Commander tomorrow so he can use those movie passes he got for his birthday in August. You can't use these passes for a movie that's just opened which is dead annoying. Anyway, this is from the Yahoo!Movies description:

" The film is based on the narrative outline of the tenth book in Patrick O'Brian's legendary "Aubrey/Maturin" series of high seas novels about the British navy during the Napoleonic Wars."

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