Mai Yamani

Fa la la la la

So, here's the deal--a scant 20 minutes before we were scheduled to depart this morning, my mom manages to throw her back out attempting to put on her pants. (I know, it doesn't matter what you were doing that actual moment, but still.) She managed to get to her bed before she passed out, and has not been able to move thereafter.

Of course, she can't go anywhere, and we certainly weren't leaving her, although she repeatedly demanded that we do such. We called around until we found someone willing to prescribe her some emergency muscle relaxants, and can I just say, fuck all those people who withhold access to pain medication lest we poor fools be able to get on with life? Thanks.

Anyway, we got her set up with the portable DVD player and more of Alias season one, which is my, ahem, Christmas present. (No, my mother is not capable of withholding gifts until gift-giving time. Once, notoriously, she whipped out my aunt Sharon's gift from her coat pocket as soon as Sharon stepped off the airplane, saying, "Wanna see your present?") We're up to episode thirteen together and she's totally hooked. "Just one more episode," she keeps saying.

She's napping now. We'll be having ourselves a merry little Christmas here--we've got gingerbread men to make, some random presents not from my mother to open, it'll be fun--and trek up to at least visit the ol' extended family as soon as we actually can.

Funny, I didn't think it felt like Christmas before, but it really doesn't feel like Christmas now. 'S all good.
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