Mai Yamani

Here I will wibble about my family a bit for a change

Packing now to depart for Sioux Falls, SD in ... oh, 12 hours. We will arrive in the bosom of my maternal family, hopefully avoid any unseemly drama, and return after two nights at my grandparents house. My mom did make some sort of attempt to actually reserve a hotel room for us, but there was no room at any of the inns we tried for a perfectly-behaved, entirely innocuous rabbit.

My mom has a rather painful history with her family, most of which I would be blissfully unaware of if she did not pour out her heart to me on occasion; free therapy, as it were. Suffice it to say that my aunt, the oldest child in the family, is an instigator of all things not good and downright slimy.

What is really sad is that her daughter, Amy, and I used to be closer than close. We didn't finish each other's sentences because there was no need to confirm our perfect understanding. She used to talk about how much she wanted to get out of her house, get away from her mother and her games, which would have been the one thing she was ever decisive about, what with her amazing ability to make my own dithering about what we should eat or what we should watch, seem downright resolute.

Instead, rather, she wound up deciding--deciding, mind you, roughly at the moment classes were starting--to stay in town and go to Augustana College. She got religion there as well, or at least, got serious about it, ironically about the time that I was realizing that religion, at least that specific brand with its evangelism and its terrible music and its damnation, was not for me. Now, after having graduated with a degree in education in May, she's not only taken a job teaching in Sioux Falls, but I understand she's actually moved back in at home.

We still get on, although I wonder if it's as much an effort for her as it is for me; probably not, since she is the social butterfly and I am the wacky introvert. But it is forced, and we do not talk of anything much.

Her younger brother, Jeff, who is nearly two years my junior and graduating from high school this year, I was sometimes quite friendly with, as he idolized me, and sometimes quite antagonistic towards, as he and my brother were the little brothers and Amy and I were the big sisters and never the twain shall meet, unless everyone in question grows up, of course. Now I think Jeff quite the sanest and kindest of our generation, and we get on famously again on those rare occasions that I see him.

Er, that's enough of that, I think. All the Sioux Falls denizens will moan at our leaving on the 27th--back in the day we used to stay as long as New Years, which is also my grandmother's birthday-- but I shall be relieved.

Happy birthday, lysimache!
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no room at any of the inns we tried for a perfectly-behaved, entirely innocuous rabbit.

Hee hee. Not that your rabbit can't find anywhere to stay, just that there's no room at the inn. :)