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Mmm, pomegranates.

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Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.

My mom and I are going to see ROTK tomorrow morning at 10:30. Not quite the midnight showing in which others in the Central time zone are currently partaking, but then my mom is currently drowsing on the couch in the basement. Although that is probably my fault, as I suggested watching the X-Files at one when Pride and Prejudice was over, and it was (*winces*) El Mundo Gira. I, uh, wouldn't have minded keeping on missing that one.

Lately I have been gorging on DVDs and the like--besides P&P, I watched TT:EE and some of the Appendices with my mom last night, and The Matrix (with my mom) and The Matrix Reloaded (not with my mom, who hasn't had a chance to see it yet, but at about 3:00 in the morning as a matter of fact, in order that I could try to write about the manifestation of Cartesian principles). During my formative adolescent years I watched basically no television--as we certainly did not have cable and my little brother would watch any rubbish that was on and so my mom wound up locking the bloody thing up most of the time--and hardly any movies, certainly none in the theatre, and therefore I had no idea how to go about drooling over admiring actors. I think I've picked up the knack now. :D

I have purchased lipstick and lip gloss in fetching and striking shades but do not believe anyone shall be fooled into thinking that I am female on that account. My brother's accusations that either or both make me look like a vampire (I vant to suck your blood!) are entirely unfounded, rooted as they are in his anti-makeup prejudice. All very well and good for him, seeing that he got all the looks in the family. He has squeeing fangirls at school. Is that just? Is that right?

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I've never found makeup especially attractive, but vampires are cool.
You're not supposed to find the makeup attractive. You're supposed to find the people who are made up attractive.

Come on, you know all those guys on screen are wearing tonnes of makeup, yes?
Maybe that is why I am not turned on by people on screen, generally. They look like mannequins. Although I thought a real woman in a mall was a mannequin and scared us both when I touched her.