Mai Yamani


Ehehehehe. The Syd roughs up Lauren scene made me happy in so many ways. It's not just revenge for her being so damn annoying at the beginning of the season – it's also making her a more sympathetic character in the process! <333333333333

Regarding the dream sequences – these things are harder to pull off well (and, well, on budget) than all the other stuff we're used to, right? Because with normal stuff, you have a better idea what what you're aiming for? They were very ambitious and worked for me in a lot of ways, but ... they weren't working for me in lots of other ways at the same time, and of course they were most of the episode, so. And we forgive much to get our paltry scraps of information.

What is with that one girl? Seriously? She made me laugh, but she also made me want to cover my eyes and possibly die.

So hooked, man. I dunno how I'll get my hands on new episodes while I'm in Scotland.
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No promises, but Jon's been talking about getting a TV-in for his fancy-ass computer once it's back from brokenland. Sooooo maybe we can work something out like dat. :D
There's always this, too.

I dunno if they know what bittorrent is yet, but I imagine that if they do, they don't fancy it.