Mai Yamani

Not the research I'm meant to do (library's closed after all) but research nonetheless

Aside from having a nice dinner with satyadasa, which was Indian rather than Pilgrim, and aside from participating heartily in last night's nraged wibblechat, I've mostly been putting off the writing I'm supposed ot be doing by writing this rather holiday-themed little ficlet. However, to really flesh it out I need to do some Brit research, so, if you wouldn't mind:

What sorts of things make up the Christmas season chez vous? What are lovely, magical things? What are things that are so damn annoying they make you want to commit various acts of holiday rage? What things are so very, very British that I would never think of them in a hundred thousand years? What is the division of celebration among: Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day? What is on television and the radio? When, in lieu of Thanksgiving as a fixed point (not that stuff doesn't get started here before that, but it's a fairly accurate cut-off), would you say the season begins? When does it wrap up? Do people who don't usually attend religious services tend to do so?

Does anyone else, be ye British or no, suffer the horror of incompetent sopranos (yes, I'm looking at you, Marcia Johnson of Sioux Falls, South Dakota) singing O Holy Night solo? Because I just wanted to commiserate, even if it doesn't wind up in the story. :D

The sweaters I ordered online a while ago finally came (actually, they evidently arrived Wednesday and got stuffed in the closet in the office and I didn't get a package slip and besides there was no one in the office yesterday anyway) and they're cute and soft and comfy and just a bit clingy, so I'm very pleased. They were half as much as the ones in the store and came in nicer colors, besides.

Will my Tricksters professor let me write a final paper on American Gods? Let's find out!
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