Mai Yamani


*shifty eyes*

Off to the Apple Store to get satyadasa a new keyboard, incidentally. His is in completely unacceptable condition, I tell you.
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Mac user! ::glomps:: ah! hooha! :D
sorry, I love meeting other Mac users. I'm running off an old G3 right now, but my iMac G4 gets home this week. I'll have both my little ones here. ::sooooo happy::

And I need a new mouse for the old G3 o.O;; so need IR mouse, yes...

Okay, buhbai
Mac users are the coolest people for sure. :D

New white keyboard looks strange with old indigo iMac ... actually, it makes everything else in the room look dirty by comparison ... but it rocks, of course.
This is a very nice keyboard. I just cleaned the part of the desk it occupies so it doesn't get any old keyboard germs.