Mai Yamani

"Let me guess ... this is shonen-ai?" ;)

The book signing at Books of Wonder was lovely!

blackholly is fabulous, but then we all knew that, did we not? Tamora Pierce turns out to be wonderfully amusing. James Howe is forgiven for creating the most fabulous literary rabbit and scarcely even giving him a look-in on the sequels (what do you mean, he just sits there? So what?), because his new series authored by Howie the dachshund puppy looks very cute. Tor Seidler went to high school with Bill Gates back when he was really hot. Catherine Creedon was very nice about being made to talk first. I was quite glad we got to hear them all.

See, I got there at 12:30 and was fourth in line or sommat, but then they asked us if we wanted the authors to read and speak to us, and duh, of course we did! So we all crowded into this tiny bit of floor while they did so, and those tricky people who had been standing up in the back got to the front of the line right quick, while those of us who had been sitting in front wound up out the door and down the street. Tamora Pierce's Spouse-Creature came around outside and chatted with us for some time while we were waiting, and he was very nice as well. Good times, good times ...
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