Mai Yamani

The real mark of a true fan

In an attempt to express my deep devotion to the Harry Potter novels, or perhaps just how lame I am, I have just cellotaped my glasses back together. (Scotch tape, whatever, same difference.)

Admittedly, the tape is located not at the bridge, but on the right side, where the screw just came out and I haven't the tools nor the dexterity to get it back in, and the aforementioned glasses mostly sit on my desk between bouts of contact-wearing, but still. My glasses are held together with tape, and that is what really counts.

Work was blah today. I showed up at my classroom at 8:30 and it was empty and locked. Eventually found the third graders, but not the sub who was supposed to be, oh, bringing them up to the room and teaching them. We rounded up a master key and someone to fill in, and had brought in an actual replacement sub by the time I left again, but it was not shaping up to be a very orderly day, as the children were by and large being Very Bad.

I was particularly frustrated by Josh, who correctly and maturely decided that it was Steve's proximity to him (and what the hell Steve was playing at, I don't know, he was a terror) that was causing him to get in trouble. He decided that the best way to resolve this was to go over to Steve and punch him and tell him to leave him alone every, oh, minute or so. That worked extraordinarily well. *headdesks*

At least it isn't an office. And I get hugs. And, occasionally, doughnuts.
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