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"mayhap and satyadasa

It is frequently difficult to tell where mayhap ends and satyadasa begins, particularly in their native habitat. Meghan's own mother fails to distinguish properly between them on occasion. Accordingly, the following helpful guide has been prepared:

If it draws maps, posts with Unicode, especially particularly useless things like chess pieces and letters circumscribed with circles, and eats cabbage, it is probably satyadasa. If on the other hand, it t00bs, wibbles and squees, writes gay porn, and talks to rabbits who aren't actually in the room at the moment, you have a mayhap on your hands.

If in doubt, try to provoke one of these reactions."

There's nothing quite as pleasant as the hour and fifteen minutes (or even longer, sometimes) that would have been occupied by a class that has unexpectedly been canceled. However much you like the class, the extra time seems ever so much more so rewarding, at least just this once.

Especially when you've got a paper proposal to finish throwing together anyway. Damn it, ideas, out of my head and on to this piece of paper, now. We are not amused. Where's a pensieve when you need one?

The person who was using this computer in the lab last has a Word document open with dictionary definitions of words like "juxtaposition" and "amity" on it. What is this, kindergarten? :D

Count yourself fortunate that I have work to do, or I would start MSTing the papers littered all over the desktop like I did last year when my computer was broken and I spent a fair amount of time in this computer lab.

GIP! That's my rabbit and those are my books that she lounges in front of. Aren't they pretty?
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And yet neither Todd nor Janssen could figure it out at all. Shocking, eh?
This icon, much like your previous icon, disturbs me enormously. He looks like he is about to bite me, and not in the good way. Also, his neck is too thick.