Mai Yamani

I should apologize in advance ...

... as I really have no idea what I am going to do with all these icons. Except I wanted to make this one, and I didn't want to delete any of my other ones, and it all made sense somehow ...

On my way to the grocery store to pick up some Muir Glen black bean and corn salsa (can't live without it) I was accosted by a guy trying to tell me about his "black bachelor's pad website" where he and his homies try to get people to "hang out with them."

"I think that's lame." I responded.

"That's what?" he asked.

"Lame." I said. I stopped just short of spelling it.

"Why do you think that's lame?" he said, like the demon spawn of a telemarketer and a social worker.

"You have this website to try to get people to hang out with you?" I repeated his own words as I brushed him off with a nice "brush-off" gesture.

"Fuck you, man," he said as he wandered off.

You wish. I'd have said it aloud, but he was a bit far away by then.

I mean, at least I pretend my website has a purpose. :D
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I have more icons than I know what to do with now. And I can, like, upload 30 more. This is insane.
Oh yeah, all comments show up in GMT, I'm pretty sure. Entries get their timestamps from your computer, so they show up at your local time presuming you have your computer set correctly, but then your comments are at some crazy time.

The Tea series is just one of those things that owns me so much. :D

Not particularly Scottish that I know of, but I'm trying to get myself over to the University of St. Andrews to study abroad next semester.