Mai Yamani

Like Colorforms, only so much better

Dude, the Historical Tale Construction Kit simply rocks. Except that it only has one woman among its complement of folc. And it was malfunctioning every once in a while, although my installing the new Flash player now might help. Still.

I have used it to construct snarky graphical cookies for the story of the founders which heretofore existed solely in my own head, and it was great fun.

Yes, I know that Rowena and Helga look exactly alike. Shut up. I cannot help it. Rowena talks in blue and Helga talks in yellow. Also, Rowena has a bird and Helga does not.

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These are great! I particularly love "I do not care who your father is."

Thanks for the entertainment. :D

And, believe it or not, this is entirely justified by the plot I'm working on ... the wording is, of course, not precisely in character, but neither are the rest, that's why they're fun. :D
Heh, these are fabulous -- absolutely inspired! Who says that the Founders were a bunch of stuffy old nuts? :)
These are really gorgeous, and fantastically done, and so cute! Thank you so much for sharing!
This is more than cool. This is... dare I say it, hillarious!
Thanks for making these.