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Dear Yuletide Author 2018

Dear Yuletide author,

I am so pleased that we share an interest in one of these fandoms and I can’t wait to read whatever you write this Yuletide!

I enjoy a wide variety of stories, all year round but especially at Yuletide. I like short, punchy stories and longer, plottier stories, explicitly porny and/or kinky stories and coy stories that are all about the teasing and the implications, stories with some kind of meta angle to them and stories that engage with the source material 100% on its own level, stories with ships that are canon and stories with ships that aren’t.

Colors in the Dreamweaver's Loom — Beth Hilgartner

I’ve always loved the world of these books, especially the way that the Five and Zan are woven together to complete their quest in the first book. I love how Remarr and Vihena, the changelings, are foils for each other, because I can’t get enough stories about girls who become swordmasters but there are nowhere near enough stories about boys who take Remarr’s character arc. I love how they both have to deal with exposing more of their insecurities than they intended because of their companions’ abilities. I always wanted them to get together, or just finally end up mutually respecting each other; it’s an odd sour note at the end of the second book that Vihena seems farther from that than she was earlier in the story.

Maybe the gods are involved in bringing them closer together again, especially since they have a more person connection to the new Trickster, or maybe they’re forced to work together to help restore order in their world. Maybe Remarr composes a song about Vihena’s great deeds that ends up being more revealing than he intends. Maybe skip straight to their marriage and how they navigate two sets of wedding customs plus a whole clan of outraged Khedathi in-laws! Or absolutely anything that inspires you about these characters in this world.

Idylls of the Queen — Phyllis Ann Karr

I love Kay, murder mysteries, intertextuality and buddy cop-type dynamics, so this book already may as well have been written just for me. I’m not always a Mordred fan, but this book has my absolute favorite take on him, and I love Kay’s extremely grumpy brand of sympathy for him, especially when he feels all protective of him. The whole dynamic of them being two difficult people who get along better with each other than most people can get along with either of them is great.

I could easily see them getting in a fight that turns into angry, passionate, even really violent sex. Conversely Nimue’s threats to cast the spell of melancholia on anyone causing her trouble make me wonder what they would do if they both got hit by it at once. I’d love a story that riffs on any incident from Arthurian mythology the way the book does, or that plays up the murder mystery elements, or road trip tropes, or anything else.

The Professor — Charlotte Brontë
William Crimsworth
Hunsden Yorke Hunsden
Frances Evans Henri

I am fascinated the role that Hunsden Yorke Hunsden plays in this story, which is one of the things that makes it different from Vilette, which is essentially Brontë’s later draft of the same basic story. From the beginning he alternates between needling William and performing these extremely thoughtful favors for him, although it's not always easy for him to get under William's skin since William perversely enjoys some of his bluntness. He brings out such an interesting side of Frances when he meets her, too -- I love that promptly she gets into three arguments with him in a row, and the third time she doesn't even believe in the argument she's making; she just wants to fight with him!

I'm particularly interested in a story set when William and Frances are living in England and Hunsden is their neighbor. I love how he has apparently latched onto their family in lieu of starting their own, especially the way he seems to practically be a coparent to Victor when he’s at home. I would love more about their daily life as it's sketched all too briefly in that last chapter, or a story about something that happens as Victor gets older and goes to school, which William worries about.

I would also love threesome fic! William would be almost hopelessly scandalized by the prospect, I think, and surely Frances too, but then with the dynamic both she and Hunsden have with William where they love to tease him I can imagine it working out somehow. I do love stories where characters fumble their way into unusual relationships or sexual practices without quite knowing what they're doing or having the usual vocabulary to talk about it, which is sort of what I would picture. But I would be just as happy with a story that explores the dynamic among them some other way.

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