The Boys Are Back In Town

Today’s opening day.
Let this season get underway.
The victorious Cubbies are on the way to having a glorious season, as they did so well during spring training this year.
Inow that it’s baseball season, I remember a minor league baseball game I went to the year my Chihuahua, Pocket, died. The year was 2009, and I went to a Springfield Sliders game with the Mary Bryant Home. Needless to say, I’d been to a Cardinals game two years before; however, the Sliders games were more fun.
We’d just gotten to the game, and I decided to call my mom to let her know that I’d made it to the game, and it was getting ready to begin.
“It’s going to begin at 6:30,” I said on this warm August 1 night.
“Have fun,” my mom said.
“I will,” I answered.
At that point, I hung up.
I didn’t catch a ball with my noggin that night; however, a ball came super close to the fence by where we were seated.
I don’t recall who won, or what the score was.

The next day, I got an opportunity to call my mom to let her know how the game went.
“I thought I was going to catch a foul ball because the ball looked like it was going to hop the fence at the section of seats where we were all sitting the other night,” I said.
“It’s good you didn’t get hurt,” my mom said.
“I agree,” I said as I was about to hang up.
I didn’t get a chance to because that’s when my mom broke the news to me.
“Pocket died the other day, “she said. I could tell something wasn’t right because she wouldn’t let me hang up.
“Why didn’t you tell me?” I asked.
“I didn’t want to ruin your night at the baseball game when you went,” was her answer.
“What happened?” I wanted to know.
“I went to let her out to do her last “business” before bed, and I couldn’t see anything. A coyote got her, and the yard was too dark for me to see what was happening.
“Did you take her to the vet?”
“Yes, but there was nothing they could do.”
Boy, was I devastated for a long time afterwards.

Now, after all these years, I know Pocket’s watching me from wherever she is. I hope she catches the home run balls that are blasted by the Cubs throughout this season. Ultimately, that’s what Pocket loved, catching balls and chasing anything that moved—after barking at it.