le plus beau et le plus triste paysage

sorrow enough in the natural way

I had something running through my head about how I felt about sports teams like Rudyard Kipling felt about dogs—they're just so gosh-darned adorable that I keep adopting them, knowing full well that mostly what they do is break your heart.

What I had in mind was injuries, trades, and playoff losses, though. Not this: Royals pitcher Yordano Ventura dies in Dominican Republic vehicle crash at age 25. It's the saddest fucking thing.

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These damned pitchers operating vehicles needs to be outlawed, double plus if in the Dominican Republic.
For real, those roads in the DR are terrifying, even before you get into the way people drive on them there, which is, uh, sub-optimal. I saw the picture that got tweeted of the scene of the accident and it was awful. :/
No seatbelt, obviously. That was clear from the (cropped) picture I saw from the scene. Who knows if it would have made a difference?

I wonder how much higher the death rate would be in Bahrain if it weren't 1) so urban and 2) so alcohol-free. People here drive like ass, but they're sober, and in most places the traffic is so heavy you can't even get up to fatal velocities. Oh, and no hills/mountains.
Uh, fuck, take this with a grain of salt and all, but unconfirmed reports are now alleging that he was originally found when he was still alive, but he was robbed and left to die. Kind of makes me wonder if he had originally been buckled in after all, and that's why his body didn't end up further from the vehicle? Not that I've reconstructed the accident or anything, just thought it seemed slightly odd.

If there was a robbery, that part of the story is going to be really fucking easy to corroborate for obvious reasons. And if the other part is true…Jesus fuck.
The coroner says it's unlikely that he survived the impact of the crash. Much less horrible than the alternative.

His World Series ring and other valuables are still unaccounted for, according to his mother. Still pretty fucking shitty, but also ultimately just stuff.
Jostens can make a replacement if they need to. It's not like anything stolen from him (except cash, maybe) can be fenced or spent. I mean, it'd be obvious if some guy shows up at a Dominican pawn shop with a freaking World Series ring.