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Wednesday reading — take me out

What I've been reading

I read The Girl in the Spider's Web, the continuation of the Millennium books, because I was just mildly curious enough (mostly about shippy stuff, TBH) even though I didn't think it looked very good. It, in fact, wasn't very good, and didn't really do anything I liked with the shippy stuff either. It seemed like there was some glacial progress towards a relationship between Lisbeth and Mikael, but not in a way that interested me as someone who ships it. One of the things I thought was a hint in that direction was Mikael suddenly having a problem with how his hooking up with Erika Berger must be affecting her husband even though he says he's cool with it, and I was like, nooooooo, I loved their poly thing! Don't start dissing their poly thing! And then the actual thriller was boring and wonky, but not with the weird charm that made me enjoy the earlier books even when they had their weird and wonky moments. So, meh.

Also, I'm sorry, Lisbeth was the world's biggest Apple fangirl. You can't just have her go switching platforms all abruptly like that. And there was nowhere near enough quoting the specs of actual computers. I expect this from my Millennium books!

I read The View from the Cheap Seats, Neil Gaiman's collection of selected nonfiction. A lot of the bits I'd already read, but they're still much handier to have collected in one place, and I had missed out on gems like this aside from an introduction to Bone:
The first time I read Moby-Dick, as a boy of ten, I read it for the exciting bits (and finished it convinced that it would make a terrific comic; then again, I recall, at about the same age, finishing King Solomon’s Mines utterly certain that it would make a brilliant musical. I must, in retrospect, have been an odd child)

I read The Soul of Baseball: A Road Trip Through Buck O'Neil's America by Joe Posnanski, whom you may know as the guy who wrote that blog entry about taking his 14-year-old daughter to see Hamilton. (That was a piece of fandom cross-pollination that I was not expecting.) It's a really lovely book, both really personal and intensely focused on its subject.

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