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Wednesday reading — there ought to be a law against Necessity

What I've been reading

I read Necessity, the concluding book in Jo Walton's Thessaly trilogy. I really liked it, even though I felt like it really wiffed on a plot development that both the flap copy and the book itself seemed to be promising me was going to be significant or meaningful, which is the encounter with the humans on the spaceship. It was like, in the end, she didn't actually want them to affect the story that she had going on, and she didn't really want to devote many words to dealing with them, either. And I mean, I don't necessarily want them to affect the rest of the story, which, as I said, I really enjoyed, nor do I particularly want more page time for them, except inasmuch as it feels like a loose thread that niggles at me. Somewhat relatedly, another thing I wasn't particularly sold on was Marsilia as a politician, although I liked her just fine as a part of Apollo's family saga; she just didn't seem like one in any recognizable way, or even in any unrecognizable way..

I was also persistently earwormed by the song from Finian's Rainbow. It's very catchy.

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