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Wednesday reading — family problems

What I've been reading

I read Birds, Beasts and Relatives and Fauna and Family, the second and third volumes of Gerald Durrell's memoirs about his childhood on Corfu, which I had to request as interlibrary loans. As the introduction to the second book promises, he left a lot of the best stories out of the first book; both of these books lean more towards funny stories about his family and funny stories about his various animals with a little less rhapsodizing about nature, which is about where my sweet spot is.

I read My Sister Rosa, which is the followup to Liar that I've been wanting Justine Larbalestier to write which she has failed to provide for me until now. I mean, it doesn't do anything like that particular narrative thing that Liar does, but it's another ridiculously gripping, ridiculously creepy book, this time about a boy trying to keep the world safe from his little sister, who he clearly sees is a sociopath (which is also set in contemporary New York, so it's not like they have nothing in common). Loved it, couldn't put it down, definitely would recommend.

I reread "There are Rocks in My Socks!" Said the Ox to the Fox to make sure that I still thought it was readaloud-worthy before I inflicted it on a friend as a baby shower gift. I remember we acquired a copy somewhere when I was long past the age of being read to but I used to read it repeatedly to my little brother, in spite of the fact that it was pretty beat up and a previous owner had scribbled in pen throughout. It's too bad it's not in print.

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