It's going to be tough to do it without him. :( Unavoidably small sample size, but it seemed like he'd finally realized his potential with his bat this year and losing that is going to sting, even though Cheslor Cuthbert's been great defensively so far.

Even if they do manage to grind it out somehow, it's still going to be incredibly sad not having him on the field. He's such a big part of that core group of dudes who have meant so much to the team. When he was out earlier with the thumb injury he said he basically ran around looking for things he could fetch for people because he just wanted to help somehow.
Yeah, but did you see how they performed against the White Sox? I only got to read the play by play but damn, 7 runs in the bottom of the ninth? Don't count these guys out.
God, yeah, it was incredible. Literally a thousand to one. All three rookies contributed in that inning, too! I think they're going to fit right in.