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Wednesday reading — arms, wings and other appendages

What I've been reading

I read The Arm: Inide the Billion-Dollar Mystery of the Most Valuable Commodity in Sports, which is about pitchers and Tommy John surgery and how helpless we still are when it comes to which of the former are going to need the latter, as well as how difficult the process of recovery still is even as the surgery has become routine. It was really interesting, although I do wish Danny Duffy, whom he initially approached about following his recovery for the book, had been interested, because I adore Danny, but I totally understand why anyone would prefer not to.

I read My Family and Other Animals, because I love families of glorious eccentrics. There's a new ITV miniseries that looks visually perfect but I only made it through the first couple of minutes before deciding that they had missed the boat entirely on the adaptation. I did place interlibrary loans on the second and third books in the Corfu trilogy, though.

I read The Raven King, after weeks of dodging spoilers from people who got the book early. I enjoyed it well enough, but I thought it seemed a bit…perfunctory, maybe? I don't know.

There's an unusual amount of archness in the framing and narration that I think is supposed to be valedictory but comes off as distancing instead. It's been very obvious since the beginning that Gansey was going to die but also somehow be alive afterwards, and I think that maybe made me expect more because it was so obviously going to happen that the execution should be everything, and actually it was so brief and blah. (Now, conversely, the reveal that Cabeswater's been using grammatically-imperfect Latin all along because Ronan dreamed it was a great payoff. I loved that bit!)

What was the point of Blue turning out to be part tree-spirit on her dad's side? That went absolutely nowhere. And even though I liked Henry Cheng a lot I still felt like he was being oversold to me in a way that was offputting. No, it's really not like he's been part of this friend group all along, everyone else had a three-book head start on him!

But I mean, eh. I didn't think it was a bad book or anything. I just didn't really enjoy it the way I did the first three.

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