I Constantly Thank God for Escobar

There's just nothing fair about this incredible 6-3 double play from last night. Carlos Gomez had just broken up Ian Kennedy's no-hitter with a leadoff single in the bottom of the sixth. Marwin Gonzalez followed it up with a bloop that by rights should have fallen for a hit in an awkward spot in shallow center. Instead, Alcides Escobar raced out, made a sliding over-the-shoulder catch, popped back up to his feet and doubled Gomez off with a long throw to first. There's a reason they call him El Mago.

Once more, with Statcast.

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I'll have to hang onto it for later, when my internet isn't giving molasses a run for its money. (My last speedtest was less than 1MBPS. This is not typical, thankfully, but when it happens, no video clips or streaming music.)

Apparently it can get bad enough that if Jason tries to watch a streaming movie on Amazon, they'll refund him even after he's watched the whole thing without him having to initiate contact. This has happened at least twice.

And this play was only 17 seconds, so I was able to see it before hitting the buffer wall.

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It would be too easy if the internet worked properly all the time. But yeah, you saw the important bit!
Well, there is, admittedly, added complexity when you're trying to watch things that either violate your host nation's censorship rules or from locations that violate the distributor's international licensing agreements.

Also, I'd evidently screwed something up so that *I* had slow internet on my computer, but no one else had any internet at all, then when they did get internet, it was off the VPN so there was no Amazon streaming.