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I am officially not behind at NaNoWriMo for the first time this month and it's only the 28th!

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You've seem to have a lot of green days on the progress tracker widget thingy I have installed on my hidden top post. More than in years past, as I recall.
Wait, you have a progress tracker widget? I don't even have a progress tracker widget!

I started the month in the hole due to the World Series and I regret nothing.
Oooh, nifty!

I don't remember what the deal was with all those yellow days in the third week. Just the usual 30Ks malaise, I guess. Thanksgiving was busy for obvious reasons. At least there were no deaths in the family this year.
And you weren't running off to Boston, either.

Obviously I didn't even try this month. I didn't even manage to keep up with LJ or FB (not that I can ever really keep up with FB, but you know).
True, not going to Boston really helped. Man, that did a number on my graph in 2013. I don't even know how I came back from that while attempting to do a bunch of research on medieval Iceland.

I checked LJ but pretty much missed everything on FB. Hopefully nothing too important happened.

That was obviously the correct choice but I would have loved to read a novel that you had somehow managed to write this month. It would have been insane. Probably literally.