2015 World Champions!

I'm still ridiculously overwhelmed by last night's game! I mean, don't get me wrong, once they took a 3-1 lead in the series I never doubted that they were going to win, but I thought they were on track to do it in six games. Another game six in front of a home crowd tomorrow would no doubt have been a lot of fun, but we're having a giant parade instead.

I plan to be at that parade. I'm pretty sure it's going to be a massive logistical nightmare, but it should be an incredible massive logistical nightmare. But now I really have to get some sleep, or I really won't survive this experience.

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I'm just.... FIVE runs in one inning? I guess the actual tying in the top of the ninth was more important, but way to drive a bunch of nails in the Mets coffin.
Yes! Once the singles train gets going, it is very difficult to derail. It seems to actually get easier for them to score once the go-ahead run is in, probably because they can loosen up and start swinging like they're taking batting practice, knowing that they have a closer with a preposterous 0.94 ERA* and an even more stark 0.0 ERA in this postseason coming into the game afterwards. Good luck with that, Mets batters!

*which should be even lower! One of those runs scored after a play that should have been overturned on review but they couldn't review it due to technical difficulties with their review setup. MLB even apologized to the Royals for that. I mean, I'm sure Wade Davis never even thinks about this, but I'm still kind of annoyed.