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game one fun

Chris Young, man. By all rights he shouldn't even exist. No other team wanted him at all this year. Certainly no other team dreamed that they could take him all the way to the World Series where he would get the win in game one, and yet there he is. (I thought that was fitting, since he couldn't get the win in game four of the ALCS because they went to the bullpen early to play it safe while it was still a closely-fought game, even though it ended up being a 14-2 blowout. This time he was the one who bailed the bullpen out.)

So far it seems like the oddsmakers and various baseball pundits had the right idea when they said that this was going to be a very even matchup. I feel like the Mets and their fans got a pretty good crash course in the crazy things that could possibly happen in a game with the Royals, starting with that preposterous inside-the-park home run on the first pitch. (But seriously, who throws Alcides Escobar a fastball over the plate on the first pitch? Do you even scout, bro?) It certainly wasn't boring, unless you count the part where play was stopped due to technical difficulties.

I am looking forward to seeing Jacob deGrom pitch tonight, even though he is apparently burdened by his glorious hair and plans to cut it after the World Series. How could he do such a thing? His hair is a national treasure.

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Well, one upshot to the technical difficulties were that we didn't have to listen to Joe-I-hate-the-Royals and Harold-talks-too-goddamn-much for a little while. Which was AWESOME.
It was a sweet, sweet reprieve. The only bad thing about it was that it ended so soon after taunting us with the possibilities of a World Series without Joe Buck & Co.

I wonder how one goes about obtaining access to this MLB International feed…