tall for no reason


Yesterday's Royals game was a bit alarming, I'll admit. With two more games to be played in Toronto, things could have gotten very messy very quickly. Which they did…for the Blue Jays.

I wound up deeply pitying the Blue Jays pitchers, who included two old men, a rookie, and a position player, the last of which is apparently a first in the history of postseason baseball, all desperately attempting to keep something in reserve for tomorrow without actually letting the game continue until tomorrow, and giving up 14 runs in the process. Ultimately, the Royals did not actually need to run the score up that much, as they also held the Blue Jays to two runs, but it was fun to take the wind from beneath their wings.

This piece about Chris Young, posted before the game started, is easily the finest piece of humorous sports writing I have read this year. I love watching him pitch.

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