Hosmoose celebration

sudden death baseball update

The Royals' postseason chances are still alive.

I am still alive.

My uncle is still alive, even though, being in town, he kept trying to make conversation during the game. Not during the commercials, which would be fine and all, but during crucial at-bats! He did depart before the five-run rally in the eighth, though, so maybe I can blame him for jinxing the game and then credit him for removing the jinx.

My mom also left to meet a friend for coffee and ended up having me FaceTime the television for them during those crucial final innings while they in turn passed updates along to the guy in the Royals shirt sitting at the next table at Panera.

Now I can breathe until Wednesday night.

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Hahaha! Jane would do that whole "talk during important stuff" back when I used to watch football. It's like, seriously? There are commercials every two minutes! Talk during them!

I didn't even watch or keep attention but when my FB feed blew up I knew they'd managed to eke out a victory.
I know! Believe me, a baseball game does not lack for downtime.

It's funny, they managed to get themselves into the same position as they were in the wild card game last year: down by four going into the eighth inning of an elimination game. Apparently no other team has ever come back from a 4+ run deficit in the eighth inning of an elimination game, and it would be better for my nerves if the Royals wouldn't do it either.

Still, better than the alternative.