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I watched at least part of four postseason games today, which is really quite excessive, but I just kept getting sucked into them.

First, I dropped in on the first game because I was curious to see if the Rangers could continue caging the Blue Jays in their own home. After fourteen innings they succeeded in doing so, although since I switched to the Royals game around the ninth, I missed out on all the drama and bench-clearing. Josh Donaldson is such a crybaby! He seems to have a meltdown every time something does not go exactly his way, which is something I feel cannot happen too often.

The Royals, in spite of a discouraging start, managed to win game two of their series with the Astros, which gave me just enough hope to make me willing to check out the potential National League winners. The Cardinals beat the Cubs but the Mets beat the Dodgers, meaning that no home team has won a postseason game so far unless said home is located in Missouri. (Watching too much baseball makes you think in terms of weird stats like this.)

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