Mizuki sulks

don't rain on my parade

It begins! Sadly, it isn't a very promising beginning. It doesn't do much good to have secured home field advantage when no home team has managed a win yet. Also that rain delay drained me.

This loss makes the Royals scrappy underdogs again, right? So they'll turn it around somehow. Even if that means that they have to somehow manage a win playing in the Juice Box.

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Apparently Those Who Get Paid to Speculate think it will be Toronto vs whatever LA-area team is in the National League. I hope they're wrong.
The Blue Jays dropped their first game to the Rangers yesterday along with all the other home team losers. Not that they're out of it yet, by any means, but losing your first game at home in a five-game series is certainly discouraging, and the Rangers seemed really young and hungry and fired up. I dunno, honestly. I think all four AL teams are plausible enough candidates to advance. Anything could happen.

The only thing I know about the Dodgers is that they spent like drunken lunatics on their payroll this year. Like, nearly a million dollars more per win than the next highest spending team, which is staggering. So based on that I have to a.) assume that they could win the NL pennant and b.) root for them not to do so, because seriously. The Cubs-Cards series should be interesting.