Wednesday reading — right ho!

What I've been reading

Only two books. And technically both of those books are bound into a single volume, along with another book, which I have not yet read. A flight that's only an hour each way doesn't leave a lot of reading time, and otherwise I've been busy since last Wednesday!

I reread The Inimitable Jeeves and Very Good, Jeeves!, which I did not recall based on titles alone are linked story collections rather than novels. That was actually perfect though, since I was reading in airports and on planes and constantly being interrupted.

I also had two people strike up conversations with me while I was carrying it with me, although neither of them were themselves Wodehouse fans. One said her mother-in-law had been a fan and she thought they were mysteries, and the other asked me if my book was good because I seemed to be enjoying myself and she was reading The Maze Runner and not so much.

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