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Wednesday reading — foundations

What I've been reading

I finished Alexander Hamilton: A Life. This one is about half the length of the Chernow biography that Lin-Manuel Miranda so fatefully came across, so I'm assuming that one will have more juicy details (and I want all the juicy details), but it's quite readable.

I read The Scarlet Pimpernel, because I read a thing somewhere that mentioned that Baroness Orczy basically invented the superhero with the secret identity and I figured that that was something I should know more about. It was, indeed, highly relevant to my interests. Now I'm just upset that a lot of her other work seems ot be hard to find in print, especially the mysteries.

I read Step Aside, Pops, the new Hark! A Vagrant collection. I always prefer the experience of reading comic strips in collections. Perhaps relatedly, my parents never subscribed to newspapers when I was growing up. But I think I would still prefer binge reading, especially collections that include commentary by the cartoonist.

I read From Little Houses to Little Women: Revisiting a Literary Childhood, a memoir about rereading combined with roadtrips. The Little House books are front and center, occupying a particularly fraught position in the author's life, but there are also visits to the Betsy-Tacy houses in Mankato, Orchard House in Concord, and the whole Anne of Green Gables-industrial complex on Prince Edward Island, along with sidelights on quite a few other books that don't involve roadtrip destinations.

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